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Collaborator Call Board

Welcome, Members to the Collaborator Call Board! This is a space designed for CTC Collective Members to have access to shared resources as well as CTC updates including calls for collaboration, current experiences, and upcoming events. This is phase one of the landing page. We plan to add additional features as well as regularly updated content. 


As part of our response to the pandemic, the CTC Core created a statement of commitment to continue and deepen our practices of inclusion as well as expand our efforts to eliminate oppressive practices, processes, and systems to contribute to a fair and just society. 


We welcome feedback and suggestions on how this page can better support your individual work and the work of the collective. 

We, Convergences Theatre Collective, continue our commitment to:

Happy Collaborating! 


Our focus is supporting you and your work as we collectively navigate through ever-changing times and continue to create and share dramatic stories with audiences across the globe. We are excited to launch CTC Digital Studio to support individual artists and ensembles in creating and sharing dramatic storytelling. We’ve divided the year into three stages:


Stage 1: March-May

Stage 2: June - August

Stage 3: September - November


Each stage includes a unique set of live and on-demand experiences! We invite you to participate as much as you can. The majority of activities are specifically for members of the Collaborators Ensemble. At times, we will extend invitations for your collaborators and project teams to participate in Experimentation Labs and Community Learning


A time to connect with fellow collaborators to reconnect or meet for the first time! Our ensemble is spread across the US and Mexico. We gather three times a year as an ensemble to share practice, connect, and inspire co-creation.


A time to connect with peers around topics and themes relevant to the ensemble. We come together to share ideas and questions to support individual and collective learning.


Labs designed to inspire and expand artistic practices. Open for individuals as well as teams and ensembles to participate.


Let’s tell stories and make things together! Visit the Co-Create page to learn about how to co-create now and propose a co-creation idea! Let’s start by co-creating your Artist Profile!

Purple Image of Kate for "Collaborator's Gathering"
Green Image of Liz for "Learning Community"
Blue Image of Jeremy for "Experimentation Lab"
Pink Image of Kaleda for "Co-Create"
Up Next
Connect & Co-Create
Rehearsal Image of actors reading scripts
Collaborator Ensemble


Over the years, our ensemble of regular Collaborators, composed of independent artists, has contributed to many projects in numerous roles. We collaborate in various ensemble settings by co-imagining, co-creating, and co-hosting events, experiences, and performances. The Collaborators are the invisible web that supports CTC’s Community, Projects, & Programming.

Adam Bradley Headshot

Adam Bradley

Ana Carolina Lima Headshot

Ana Carolina Lima

Anna Andrews Headshot

Anna Andrews

Introduced by Kate K.A.
00:00 / 01:05
Argelia Arreola Headshot

Argelia Arreola

Bridget Coyne Gabe Headshot

Bridget Coyne Gabbe

Bruce Wayne Brackett Headshot

Bruce Wayne Brackett

Chris Mohr Headshot
Christine Jowers Headshot
Introduced by Liz
00:00 / 02:18

Christine Jowers

Debra Disbrow Headshot

Debra Disbrow

Emily Brewton Schilling Headshot

Emily Brewton Shilling

Eve Elle Headshot

Eve Elle

Graydon Grund Headshot

Graydon Grund

Introduced by Kaleda
00:00 / 01:04
Jenna Hokanson Headshot
Jesse Mangan Headshot
Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 02:28
John Lenartz Headshot

John Lenartz

K'Sandra Sampson Headshot

K'Sandra Sampson

Kate Jaworski Headshot

Kate Jaworski

Kyra Bowman Headshot

Kyra Bowman

Liz Stanton Headshot
Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 03:21
Marisol Kimberly Rosa-Shapiro Headshot

Marisol Kimberly Rosa-Shapiro

Melana Lloyd Headshot

Melana Lloyd

Melissa Riker Headshot

Melissa Riker

Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 04:46
Michael J Henery Headshot

Michael J Henery

Nora Gustuson Headshot

Nora Gustuson

Peter Grandbois Headshot

Peter Grandbois

Ri Lindegren Headshot

Ri Lindegren

Ross Pasquale Headshot

Ross Pasquale

Susan Ferrara Headshot
Introduced by Kate
00:00 / 01:49
Tad Emptage Headshot

Tad Emptage

Ben Gabbe Headshot

Ben Gabbe

Brittney Pressley Headshot

Brittney Pressley

Casey Beauchamp Headshot

Casey Beauchamp

Christa Ray Headshot

Christa Ray

Damaris Webb Headshot

Damaris Webb

Devin McDuffee Headshot

Devin McDuffee

Collective - Erin Duer.tif

Erin Duer

Felipe Fournier Headshot

Felipe Fournier

Holly Ruth Gale Headshot

Holly Ruth Gale

Jeremy Williams Headshot
Jocelyn Vammer Headshot

Jocelyn Vammer

Jorge Luis Ruiz Headshot
Kaleda Davis Headshot

Kaleda Davis

Kate Amory Headshot
Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 02:27

Kate Kohler Amory

Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 02:26
Leo Abel Headshot
Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 05:25
Lloyd Mulvey Headshot

Lloyd Mulvey

Mark Ferrando Headshot

Mark Ferrando

Melissa Denize Headshot

Melissa Denize

Meridith Grundei Headshot

Meridith Grundei

Najah Muhammad Headshot

Najah Imani Muhammad

Olney Edmondson Headshot

Olney Edmondson

Randolph Curtis Rand Headshot

Randolph Curtis Rand

Richard Pearson Headshot

Richard Pearson

S. Lewis Feemster Headshot

S. Lewis Feemster

Sydney Ippolito Headshot

Sydney Ippolito

Teresa Harrison Headshot

Teresa Harrison

Benjamin Stuber Headshot

Benjamin Stuber

Brooke Ferris Headshot

Brooke Ferris

Charlie Kilgore Headshot

Charlie Kilgore

Christian Thom Headshot

Christian Thom

Daniel Krstyen Headshot

Daniel Krstyen

Eiko Kawashima Headshot

Eiko Kawashima

CTC Logo for Espii


Fernando Stowell-Flores Headshot

Fernando Stowell-Flores

Jay Ryan Headshot

Jay Ryan

Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 04:02
Jess Prichard Headshot

Jess Prichard

Joe Menino Headshot
Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 03:57
Juliana Suaide Headshot

Juliana Suaide

Kate Greer Headshot

Kate Greer

Kate Michael Gibson Headshot
Introduced by Jeremy
00:00 / 01:38
Lillian Osei-Boetang Headshot

Lillian Osei-Boateng

Marcus Crawford Guy Headshot

Marcus Crawford Guy

Mark Snyder Headshot

Mark Snyder

Melissa Negro Headshot

Melissa Negro

Michael Eisenstein Headshot

Michael Eisenstein

Natalie Loveland Headshot

Natalie Loveland

Orietta Crispino Headshot

Orietta Crispino

Raven Railey Headshot

Raven J. Railey

CTC Logo for Rodrigo Vargas

Rodrigo Vargas

Salma Corres Headshot

Salma Corres

Sylvia Brown Headshot

Sylvia Brown

Vanessa Parrack Headshot

Vanessa Parrack

Zachary Koval Headshot

Zachary Koval

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