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The Party Continues!

We had a blast at our first Virtual House Party on July 15th AND the party continues! Watch Kaleda perform, listen and explore the readings out of the Cosmic Salon,  bop to the dance party mix tapes and enjoy 14 incredible performances in our new Contemporary Performance Gallery!  

Kaleda Davis

Readings from the Cosmic Salon

4 cards were pulled during the party. We danced and explored the images on our own and now the Cosmic Salon reveals the reading of each card. Press play on the SoundCloud track below and browse the the stack of cards.

The Way of Tarot
Body Cards
The Lover_edited
Corus Callosum

Dance Party


Click to open the Spotify Playlist!

Party - Recap:

July 15th, 8:00 PM PM ET

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Welcome to the Party Page! Here you will find details about the party as well as how to participate.

The party will be hosted on Zoom. We recommend using a computer or tablet for the party. Phones and other mobile devices will also work. A Zoom account is not required to participate and downloading Zoom is free.


Download the latest version of Zoom before the party! 


New to Zoom? Check out these helpful tips

If you have questions, please email us:

Music Room

Perform your favorite karaoke number or one of your original compositions in the Music Room! Sign-up in advance to secure your spot in the line-up!!

Game Room

Charles hosts our Game Room where our inner kid is invited to come out to play! There will be multiple rounds of the game so you can jump in when you're ready!

Cosmic Salon

Enter the Cosmic Salon for a transformational experience!

Conversation Nooks

Meet up with one or two friends in a Conversation Nook for a catch-up in a quiet spot!

Contemporary Performance

Welcome to CTC's Contemporary Performance Gallery! We are excited to present our first collection featuring short works by 10+ artists from across the U.S. and Mexico.

We will be broadcasting the gallery during the party AND after! 

Dance Party

We close the event with a group dance party!! Dance to your favorite bops, show-off your moves in a dance solo or lip sync, and twirl with the legendary Teri Vanessa Coleman who will be sharing a LIVE performance!!!

CTC Party Image-04_edited.jpg

Gathering Room

We'll start the party together in the Gathering Room. There will be hosts to support you with any technical questions or needs. 


Opening Celebration

8:00 PM ET

  • Featured performances by Kaleda Davis, Melana Lloyd, Liz Stanton and more

  • Introducing Portrait of an Artist in a Safe Space, CTC's new incubator to support artists and ensembles

  • Celebrating 15 years of collaborative art making through CTC, and a sneak preview of our future

Party Rooms Open

8:30 PM ET

  • Choose your own adventure! Join the Music Room to sing your favorite karaoke number, perform an original composition, or simply enjoy the great performances! Or, jump into the

    • Cosmic Salon with Teresa Harrison​

    • Game Room with Charles Swint

    • Conversation Nook with a friend to catch up!

  • And, explore CTC's new Contemporary Performance Gallery featuring short works by artists across the U.S. and Mexico​

Closing Dance Party

9:15 PM ET

  • We close the party by coming together to share a delightful dance and surprise ending! 

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