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CTC is an incubator for the research and development of new theatrical works. We have supported more than 100 projects across the US and Mexico in collaboration with artists and audiences from around the globe. We co-create through developmental processes including theatrical development labs, studio presentations, workshops, and productions - both live and digital. Formed in 2008, CTC's process includes traditional in-person activities as well as remote and online activities for collaborators and audiences.


Rather than focusing on creating a singular genre or aesthetic, CTC focuses on storytelling through the body and through theatrical language with an expansive lens of aesthetic perspectives including cultural celebration. CTC embraces the aesthetics of process and community engagement as core to our collective work. Performances include plays, musicals, dance theatre, cabaret, podcasts, albums, spoken word, essays, academic presentations, convenings, and meditations.


Our work happens in studios, theatres, concert halls, nightclubs, hotels, parks, gardens, homes, cell phones, social media, video conferences, office spaces, museums, places of worship and spiritual practice, historic and iconic locations, and in our collective imaginations.