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Over the years, our ensemble of regular Collaborators, composed of independent artists, continues to contribute to many projects in numerous roles. We collaborate in various ensemble settings by co-imagining, co-creating, and co-hosting events, experiences, and performances. The Collaborators are the invisible web that supports CTC’s Community, Projects, & Programming.


Contributing Artists have supported the research and development of CTC’s projects and programming by sharing their best skills and outstanding artistry. Our work is forever imprinted with their creativity and beautiful contributions.

Adam Lendermon

Aleigha K. Spinks

Alex Portenko

Alex Miles Younger

Allan McCormic

Alyssa Kempinski

Amanda McDowell

Amma Osei

Amy Herrera

Ana Cantorán Viramontes

Annie Watkins

Antonio Minino

Ara Cocharyan

Ashley Graziano

Barb Wengerd

Billy Schulz

Brad Giovanine

Brandon Alan Smith

Brian Morgan

Brian Costello

Carol Katz

Casey-Ann Diepeveen

Cathy McCullough

Charles Hays

Chaunesti Webb

Cheryl Cochran

Clara Pagone

Claude Aubourg

Court Dorsey

Craig V Smith

Crista Marie Jackson

Dan Martinez

Daniel Vasquez

David DeWitt

David Preciado

Dennis Carnegie

Denny DeMaria

Derrick Byars

Ebbe Bassey

EJ Marotta

Eliah Eason

Elise Stone

Ellen Mandel

Eric Cotti

Erica Terpening-Romeo

Erin Layton

Erin Dudley

Fabiloa Calvo

Faheem Jackson

Felix Omozusi