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Independent Producing: Support Proceeds Movement

Great news! CTC's innovative producing process is now available to all artists and leaders. Previously exclusive to CTC collaborators and students, we're excited to extend this opportunity to you with two online formats: 

Self Guided Course

Self Guided Course

Here's what you can look forward to in the Self Guided Course:


  • Accessible Format: Dive into our self-guided online program at your own pace, with no deadlines or time limitations. The program is compatible with all devices, offering engaging videos, enriching audio, and inspiring images. 

  • Flexible Participation: Each enrollment allows up to 3 participants to join together, fostering teamwork and co-creation.

  • Digital Workbook & Toolkit: Consider this your creative companion designed to provide practical guidance and tools that you can immediately apply to your projects.

  • Accessible Pricing Model: We believe every artist, at any stage of their career, should have access to resources to evolve your practice and professional development. That's why we offer four pricing levels. Choose the one that suits you best and embark on your journey with us.

We're currently in the Previews phase and we'd like to extend an invitation to you to be a Preview Participant. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we fine-tune our program. Join and share your thoughts 2-3 weeks after starting the course. To show our gratitude, we're offering a special price of $300 to all Preview Participants – our way of recognizing the value of your insights. Click "Join" to learn about additional discounts through our accessible pricing model.

Your journey towards innovation begins now. We're here to guide, support, and empower you every step of the way. Welcome to the new era of collaboration and creation!

Facilitated Course

Facilitaed Course

Embark on a transformative learning odyssey with the unparalleled guidance of a seasoned producer! This revamped course immerses you in four dynamic online sessions led by a skilled CTC Producer:

Session 1: An Inspirational Introduction
Sessions 2-4: A captivating blend of question-solving, collaborative brainstorming, co-drafting, and insightful feedback on your Creative Assignments.


But that's not all! You'll also unlock the doors to our treasure trove – the self-guided version. Inside, you'll find a wealth of instructional videos, cutting-edge digital tools, and a plethora of additional resources, all designed to supercharge your creative journey. Join as an individual or with a team of up to 5 participants!


The best part? You're in control. Schedule these live sessions at your convenience, molding your learning experience to fit your unique rhythm and schedule. But remember, the magic happens within three months from your start date. Seize this opportunity, and let your creativity soar to new heights!

In Previews! Regular course fee is $900 and we are offering a special Preview Participant discounted course fee: $600. We believe in providing equitable access and we offer discount codes to accommodate different economic circumstances. Here are the discount codes and guidelines for payment:

  • Pay $600 if: you can afford it, are well-compensated for your work in the fields of arts and culture, or your organization can cover the cost.

  • "Artist2Artist" to pay $450 if: you can afford it, are being financially compensated at or beyond a living wage within the arts, and have adequate financial support and stability in housing.

  • "ArtistSupport" to pay $300 if: you can afford it, are not experiencing financial hardship or housing instability, and receive some compensation for your work in the arts and culture fields.

Have a larger group, cohort, or organization interested in our courses and trainings? CTC's courses and trainings are offered in-person and online for groups of all sizes. Reach out for more information!

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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