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CTC's Artist Incubator

The CTC incubator is designed for visionaries, makers, and leaders engaged in professional practice. The Artist Incubator is a 18-month fully remote program designed to support individual artists, collaborative partnerships, and small teams in realizing their artistic visions through a learning-centered process that includes: 

  • Peer Learning Community

  • Professional Development & Direct Project Support through CTC's learning modules:

    • Developmental Pathway to Production 

    • Independent Producing: Support Proceeds Movement

    • Visioning Impact Lab

    • Developmental Evaluation for Artists

    • Project Storytelling Lab

  • Opportunities to share new ideas and present works-in-progress as well as completed works in CTC's Contemporary Performance Gallery and Virtual House Party

  • Tools and resources to support the creation and development of new theatrical works that center vision, impact, and community 

Portrait of an Artist in a Safe Space

Portrait Series Archive

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