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Welcome Jeremy Williams

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

In the heart of our artist incubator, Portrait of an Artist in a Safe Space, we invite you to join us each week on an exploration like no other. Together, we will shine a spotlight on a single artist, offering you a glimpse into their inner world. Get ready to be inspired as we reveal a curated selection of images from their archives, along with a backstage peek at their current projects.🎭

To kick off the series, we thought it'd be super cool to get to know our amazing artists a little better. So, we asked them to peak into their archives and some of their favorite promo images from over the years. 🤩 But that's not all! We also dug into their personal treasure trove of memories and perspectives.

  • Image Details: First off, where and when did these images come to life, and who's the creative genius behind them? We're all ears!

  • Image Context: Why did these artists pick these particular images? What's the story behind these visuals? Tell us all about it!

  • Personal Touch: And finally, what kind of memories or emotions do these images evoke for our talented artists today? We're dying to know the backstory, the inspiration, the whole shebang.

Let's jump right in! 💫


Jeremy Williams

Jeremy is a Director/Choreographer, Creative Producer, Storyteller, and Visionary based in Zipolite, Oaxaca Mexico & New York City.

“This is my first professional headshot taken by Dixie Knight in Little Rock, AR in 1999. I used this headshot for auditions for several years. I was so excited to have a headshot taken by a theatre photographer. Dixie was the resident photographer for productions at the Arkansas Arts Center. After using terrible “portrait” photographers, this photo made me feel like a professional.”

“I remember the feeling of belonging, feeling a part of a large theatrical community.”
“Taken at TheaterLab (NYC) by Melissa Negro in 2014. I remember the feel of the wooden floor, an old floor with a slightly uneven surface. Classic NYC studio floor: worn, familiar, loved.”

“This image has been used in social media profiles to promote my movement and choreography work. I love this image! I am demonstrating a spiral from the ground to standing. This was taken during a “Revealing Dances” open studio session with the BABEL ensemble.”

“2016 at Governors Island (NYC) and taken by a friend. It was a really fun, sweaty summer day”

“I love the spaciousness and possibility I see in this image. The contrast between the colors I'm wearing and the colors of the space are pleasing. The mix of the formal architecture and informal body felt like it captured a wide aesthetic range. This was a random photo taken during a tour of a historic building. I’ve used this photo for social media profiles.”

“Adelphi University Performing Arts Center in 2012. I was leading a post performance conversation with the audience and artists.”

“I like this image because it catches me in a moment of action, conversation. I used this image as a promotional image for informal studio events as well as for webinars and online events that were more about sharing creative ideas and practices.”
"Ben Gabbe took this photo in 2017 at the Synergos Foundation in NYC. This was an accidental headshot! Ben arrived to shoot a series of headshots for grantees of the Building Bridges Program of Doris Duke Foundation. Ben asked me to do a test shoot for the light balance. He captured this image which I have used on websites, social media, and playbills.”

“A wonderful reminder that impromptu moments can lead to unexpected outcomes. Yes, and find your light.”


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