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Contemporary Performance Gallery: Short Works 2023


Welcome to CTC Digital's Contemporary Performance Gallery! We have removed the physical walls of theatres, auditoriums, and museums to bring contemporary performance to you. Our gallery is dedicated to presenting artists and their finished works and their works-in-progress as we believe that process and production transforms artists and audiences. We open the gallery with a collection of short works by 11 artists and their collaboratorsfrom across the U.S. and Mexico. The collection represents a wide range of performers, makers & collaborators: Charles Swint with Robert O’Hara Jae Broderick with Erin Layton & Matthew AC Cohen Lauren Sagendorph Liz Stanton with Abigail Killeen, Annelise Nielsen, Carolyn Goeltzer, Donovan Dorrance, Gary Grundei, Jeremy Williams, Joy Fraley, K’Sandra Sampson, Linda Tardif, Myka Plunkett, Natalie Loveland, Peter Grandbois, Ri Lindegren, Sylvia Brown, Toby Bercovici, Victoria Pike!, Visible Stories, WT McRae Luna Sur with Salma Corres, Javier Herná, Ernesto Aquino, Azel Zárate, Christian Pérez, Rafael Heredia, Elí Gutiérrez Melana Lloyd Roslyn Harrison and Kate Michael Gibson S.L. Feemster with April Josephine, Aura CuriAtlas, Dan Plehal, Demetrius Shields, E.J. Markland, Forty Nguyen, Grace Helmick, Joan Gavaler, LaWanda Raines, Mickey Lonsdale, Tamii Sakuri Vanessa Parrack Zachary Koval

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