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Welcome S L Feemster

In the heart of our artist incubator, Portrait of an Artist in a Safe Space, we invite you to join us each week on an exploration like no other. Together, we will shine a spotlight on a single artist, offering you a glimpse into their inner world. Get ready to be inspired as we reveal a curated selection of images from their archives, along with a backstage peek at their current projects.🎭

To kick off the series, we thought it'd be super cool to get to know our amazing artists a little better. So, we asked them to peak into their archives and some of their favorite promo images from over the years. 🤩 But that's not all! We also dug into their personal treasure trove of memories and perspectives.

  • Image Details: First off, where and when did these images come to life, and who's the creative genius behind them? We're all ears!

  • Image Context: Why did these artists pick these particular images? What's the story behind these visuals? Tell us all about it!

  • Personal Touch: And finally, what kind of memories or emotions do these images evoke for our talented artists today? We're dying to know the backstory, the inspiration, the whole shebang.

Let's jump right in! 💫


S L Feemster

S L Feemster is a Singer/Songwriter, Conceptual Storyteller, and Actor based in New York City.

2022: Marc Parroquín x S L Feemster (+ The Scarab Lab) This static portrait was one of the first shots of the day, capturing simplicity and Afro-Futuristic themes.
This 2022 portrait is reminiscent of the other yearly portraits, and the relationship they have to my work and being in that time period. I’m reminded of community and the possibility of creation.

2019: Harlem. Elijah Photography x S L Feemster.
This image: historical and artistic context adjacent to my literary work. After publishing my first collection of written work, this shoot helped announce a new period of work redefining my artistry.


2019: S L Feemster w/ Elijah Photography + Sterling Tull.

Concept: delivery and juxtaposition; creative voice in the context of our worlds. This dense capture sets a clear tone for the direction of my transmedia storytelling. *The companion poem ‘Beckon’ will appear in an upcoming collection.*

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