Leo Abel

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Leo Abel



Insta: @leoabel

Artistic Practices

Acrobatics, Actor, Actor Combatant, Aerialist, Choreographer, Clown, Dancer, Director, Masks/Puppetry, Playwright, Scenic Designer, Singer/Vocalist, Teacher/Educator

Additional Areas of focus & training

Viewpoints, Suzuki, puppetry, aerial, handstand, Ivaldo bertazzo

Projects with CTC



Secret City Cabaret

Works in Process

Questioning Artists

Leo Abel has been working with experimental physical theater for the last 15 years. He has been mixing genres including aerial, circus, dance, singing and puppetry. As a result has been able to adapt his unique skillsets in various positions theatrical roles as a performer and as a director.

Leo originally started his journey in Sao Paulo, Brazil at Indac school for Acting and Ivaldo Bertazzo school of dance, which led to his first acting breakthrough in 2007, when he landed the role of a G.I. in the Brazilian production of “Miss Saigon”, which he performed for one and a half years. This gave him the opportunity to transition to a directorial role as Fred Hanson's assistant in “Jekyll & Hyde”. As Leo’s evolution in theater progressed, he realized his passion for the physical acting needed would not be satisfied in a typical roles and this led to his first major Circus production in the critically acclaimed “O Grande Circo Místico” in which he played several roles.

Since he has been in New York, Leo has been involved with several projects such as; Babel, a physical theater production, shows by Atlas Circus Company and most recently Aida from The Met Opera. He continues to training various forms for physical theater and performs aerial shows at Circus Warehouse and various venues around New York City. Recently Leo was awarded by Baruch College to develop his own project called “I’mmigrants” on their residency and has been performing at The Metropolitan Opera in several Operas.r.