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Let's create your artist profile...

We are excited to invite you to create your own, unique artist profile on the CTC website. The Artist Profile includes basic information such as your bio and photo as well as

  • a robust "contact" section to add your various social media and contact information 

  • multiple artistic practices to highlight your multifaceted work as an artist making new work

  • all artistic practices you engage with

  • techniques, methods, and approaches supporting your work 

Each profile will have a unique web address so that you can share the portfolio in many places!

How does it work? 
We've designed three short steps to guide the process.

Step 1: Profile Setup

Fill out the form with the following:

  • Name 

  • 3 photos

  • Bio

  • Social media links

  • Geographic location(s) - where you are based and/or work regularly 

  • Add your primary and secondary artistic practices

  • Check off all of your artistic practices

  • Add specific techniques, approaches, and/or methodologies

Step 2: Review and Design

You'll receive and email 2-3 days after completing the form with a draft of your Artist Profile. Review the information in your profile and make updates as needed. Finally, you'll have the option to change the layout of your profile by selecting from one of the 3 options provided by CTC 

Step 3: Share

You'll receive a final draft 2-3 days after submitting your updates and design preferences to share with your network! We'll send you a link as well as suggestions on where and how to share your profile. Additionally, CTC will link your profile to your photo on the "Our Artist" page.

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