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Devisor/Maker (devised/ensemble-based creation)



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Sound Designer

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LIZ STANTON |  Actor, Composer/Sound Designer



Location: New York City


Phone: +1 917-854-8083


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As I begin a new creative artistic project, my approach will transform as the collaborators begin to create the project itself. Overall I begin with listening -- listening to a fellow collaborator or my inner artistic voice. Questions arise and are discussed but not necessarily answered immediately. I use improvisation as a form of creation as an actor and designer/composer. I am interested in fully embodied physical expression, full expressive voice, and an open and free human articulation. Often a physical and vocal warmup is useful in the studio. I depend on my practices of meditation, yoga, physical acting, and extended voice in my creative explorations and performances. I love ensemble creation and collaborations.


Liz is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist, producer, and teacher. She specializes in psycho-physical acting (Grotowski and Michael Chekhov), extended voice, devised theatre, sound design, and composition. She earned her MFA in Theatre: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. Her current collaborations include When the Mind’s Free (Toby Vera Bercovici, dir), The Yellow Wallpaper (Toby Vera Bercovici, dir.), The Man in the Newspaper Hat (Katrin Hilbe, dir.), Medusa Volution (Sophie Amieva, dir.), and The Woman Who Was Me (Jeremy Williams, dir.)

Liz is a theatrical development producer with Convergences Theatre Collective where she has collaborated on Babel, Nahoonkara (theatrical development lab at Denison University), Shameless, From the Realm of the Shadow, Darger, Project Unspeakable reading for NPR, Project Unspeakable (theatrical development lab), Fascia (workshops) and the award-winning The Woman Who Was Me.

As a founding member of Giving Voice Productions, she collaborated to write, direct and perform the award-winning play Power to Pleasing: The Sex Lives of Teenage Girls. This collaboration led to the development of three additional original plays based on interviews and research, including a commission to create a play titled Hook-ups and Hangups: College Students Speak Out about student culture on the campus of Denison University. (

Liz was commissioned to devise a play about Hydraulic Fracturing with BFA students at Naropa University. She directed this play, titled Fracked or Fiction, and has also directed at Denison University, Colorado College, Naropa University, and various theaters in New York City, including Musical Theatre Works and Theatre for a New City.

As an actor, Liz is currently working on When the Mind’s Free (Real Live Theatre) and The Woman Who Was Me (US tour). Recent credits include Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Auroville, India, and Medusa Volution (Fringe Arts Philly). She can be seen in the new season of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting.

Liz teaches acting and voice at schools in New York City, including NYU - Experimental Theatre Wing, New York Film Academy, School for Visual Arts, Baruch College, and regionally at Naropa University and Salem State University. She was the Executive Director, founding member, and resident sound designer/composer for Holderness Theater Company in New York City, where she produced at Lincoln Center’s Clark Studio Theater, Samuels Studio, The Salon, Pace University’s Schaeberle Theatre, The Brick Theatre, and The Culture Project. These shows included Cymbeline, TheWinter’s Tale, The Changeling, The Rover, Much Ado About Nothing, Visitations, What You Will or Twelfth Night, Einstein’s Dreams, and The Life of Spiders. She has also composed and created sound designs for the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, Convergences Theatre Collective, National Shakespeare Company, Burning Coal Theatre, Naropa University, and P.S. 122 in New York City.


Liz is an active member of the CTC Collaborators’ Ensemble and has contributed to the following projects, programs, and events beginning in 2010: 


**10 Year Storytelling Project

A Mexican Affair.

Art & Activism


Blood Moon (New Play Reading Series)

**CTC Artist Residency

**CTC Collaborator Gatherings & Parties

CTC Digital

**CTC Seasonal Summary

**CTC Theatrical Development Lab

**CTC Training & Professional Development

From the Realm of the Shadow

Further Shores of Knowing (New Play Reading Series)


**Nahoonkara (New Play Reading Series)

**Pause Lab

Pivot Lab

**Project Unspeakable

Questioning Artists

**Refracting Miss Julie

Revealing Dances

Secret City Cabaret

*The Bacchae in Song and Vocal Extreme

*The Fascia Project

*The Woman Who Was Me



Purple = Collaborating Artist

Green = Participant 

* = Project Visionary & Lead Creator

** = Co/Contributing Creator

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