CTC Digital Studio

A destination for individual artists and ensembles to connect, collaborate, & co-create. CTC Digital Studio is designed by and for artists and ensembles to support the research and development of theatrical storytelling.


CTC Digital Studio is available for individual artists and ensembles to support the development of new plays, musicals, and theatrical works.


CTC Digital Studio includes:

  • Studio time via Zoom 

  • Studio Manager 

  • Written guide 


Additional Studio Features include:

  • Lobby Experience for guests

  • RSVP list management 

  • Audience Attendance/Participation Report 

  • Interactive engagement options for artists and audiences 


New to collaborating online and/or remotely? Check out our short guide!

Table Reading: $100 

  • 2 hours of studio time with artists/cast for the reading and conversation

  • Studio Manager will manage the waiting room, provide co-host and presenting permissions, recordings, and technical support for participants 

  • Written guide for planning, hosting, and reflecting on your online table read

  • Optional: video and/or audio recording + chat history from your studio time (+$25)


Additional studio time is available in 30-minute blocks: $20/0.5 hours.

Table Reading with an audience: $150

2.5 hours for prep, reading, and conversation with an audience

  • For Writers/Makers

    • RSVP list management 

    • Archival recordings 

    • Written guide for an online table read planning, hosting, and learning 

  • For Artists/Cast:

    • 30 minute prep time before the audience arrives 

    • Green Room space for private conversations after the audience arrives 

  • For Audience:

    • Unique RSVP page with your project’s branding and/or visuals 

    • Confirmation & Reminder Emails 

    • Lobby experience with music/sound and visuals from your project 

    • 2-hour online event 


Additional studio time is available in 30-minute blocks of $20/0.5 hours

Rehearsals & Producing/Planning Sessions: $20/hr

  • Book rehearsals or collaborative planning sessions in 1 or 2-hour blocks of time 

  • Studio Manager will be present to start and end the rehearsal as well as respond to tech needs 

  • Written guide for planning and hosting online rehearsals 


Additional Features: $30/hr

  • Co-host permissions for screen sharing, breakout rooms, and host features 

  • Archival recordings

Hosting & Facilitation: $60/hr 

CTC Digital offers our services as experienced hosts and facilitators for online and in-person events to support and build bridges between makers, artists, and audiences. A member of the CTC Digital Team is available to collaborate with you with three steps of the process:

  1. Planning & Preparation

  2. Hosting the live event

  3. Reflecting on outcomes following the live event 


Hosting and Facilitation includes studio time and archival recordings.

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