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Chris Mohr in front of mountains
Chris Mohr hiking

CHRISTOPHER MOHR |  Composer, Lyricist, Playwright



Location: Aspen CO (summers) and Denver CO (rest of the year)


Phone: +1 303-986-2022


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Chris Mohr wrote a Mass at age 12, an oratorio at age 16, published a book of piano music at age 23, and three novels by age 22. His musical Orphans in Candyland was published in 1977. In 1978, Chris started hosting classical music radio shows on KVOD and had hosted classical shows for over 40 years. In 1979 he published his most successful work, the rock musical Ducktails, and Bobbysox. His album, August Light (including his Wedding Cantata), came out in 1987. He conducted parts of his opera with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra in 1991. His two-CD set "The Classical Music Start-Up Kit" was released on Naxos in 1994 and sold over 150,000 copies. His opera, From the Realm of the Shadow, was released on Naxos Records in 2001 and received a workshop production in New York with CTC. Chris' newest book, The Grand Unified Theory of Music, recently became available online. Each week throughout the summer, Chris Mohr hosts exclusive and insightful interviews with Aspen Music Festival artists, conductors, faculty, and students on Aspen Public Radio.


Chris is an active member of the CTC Collaborators’ Ensemble and has contributed to the following projects, programs, and events beginning in 2013: 


CTC Collaborator Gatherings & Parties

*From the Realm of the Shadow

The Woman Who Was Me


Purple = Collaborating Artist

Green = Participant 

* = Project Visionary & Lead Creator

** = Co/Contributing Creator

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