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Developmental Pathway for Production Workshop FEB 2024


The live workshop sessions have concluded, and new participants now have the opportunity to engage with the workshop OnDemand when enrolling in the 2024 Workshop Series: Artists Supporting Artists. Embark on a groundbreaking learning voyage with CTC! Immerse yourself in a dynamic realm of practices, tools, and resources curated to empower and ignite your creative prowess as a maker, visionary, and leader. Upon workshop completion, you'll emerge: + Empowered with the skills to design a developmental pathway for production + Inspired to explore innovative activities with your audience + With newly acquired tools & resources to effectively lead a creative process Explore insightful and applicable themes in each session! Session 1: The 3 Phases of Development & Production (02/12) Session 2: Activities with Your Audience (02/19) Session 3: Resource Planning (02/26) Designed for maximum flexibility, our workshops fit seamlessly into your bustling artist schedule. Whether live on Zoom or OnDemand, materials remain accessible for a year post-workshop. Full series participants enjoy extended access through 2025! Your workshop toolkit includes: + CTC online program for live sessions, recordings, and inspiring media + A digital workbook for real-time and post-workshop ideation + Unleash your creativity with tools, templates, and additional CTC resources. Elevate your craft, amplify your vision, strengthen your leadership capacity – your creative odyssey awaits! Workshop Fees: + $150 full price + $125 with code: 2024DPWS + $75 with code: DPWS2024

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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2024 Workshop Series
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