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Online Workshop: 
Developmental Pathway to Production

February 12, 19 & 26

This workshop is for active creators – from seasoned professionals to emerging theatrical storytellers. While current students are welcome, our focus is on supporting artists actively shaping new works. 

Designed for maximum flexibility, our workshops fit seamlessly into your bustling artist schedule. Whether live on Zoom or OnDemand, materials remain accessible for a year post-workshop. Full series participants enjoy extended access through 2025!

"I loved the hybrid option. I enjoyed participating individually and as a scheduled collective. This is a great model for an online course that alleviated the pressure of a hard schedule."

- Participant Feedback

Our Developmental Pathway to Production provides a framework for you and your team to journey from idea through full production. Enter the world of developmental planning through our three workshop sessions

Session 1: The 3 Phases of Development & Production (02/12)

  • Phase 1: Research & Development

  • Phase 2: Sequencing, Scripting & Scoring

  • Phase 3: Production

  • The Spiral Pathway


Session 2: Activities with Your Audience (02/19)

  • Activities for Co-Creation

  • Designing for Inclusion & Engagement

  • Learning & Growing with Your Audience


Session 3: Resource Planning (02/26)

  • Budgeting: Imagining Scale

  • Calculating Expenses & Revenue

  • Story by the Numbers: how financials tell our story

"Widening the lens around a project's scope of reach as well as intended community and audiences was incredibly helpful and empowering" 

Participant Feedback

Workshop Fees

We believe in providing equitable access for artists, leaders, and educators at every career stage and so we offer a tiered pricing model to recognize the range of economic circumstances within our field. We invite you to select the option that works best for you!

Pay $150 per workshop if :

  • you can afford it,

  • are well-compensated for your work in the fields of arts and culture,

  • or your organization can cover part or all of the cost.


Pay $100 per workshop if:

  • you can afford it,

  • are being financially compensated at or beyond a living wage within the arts,

  • and, have adequate financial support and stability in housing.

Pay $75 per workshop if:

  • you can afford it,

  • are not experiencing financial hardship or housing instability,

  • and, receive some compensation for your work in the arts and culture fields.

CTC provides work exchange option for artists experiencing financial challenges. For more info about work exchange, send us an email: 

CTC values personal and professional privacy. All information shared during the joining process is confidential.

What is a developmental pathway to production? Learn more in our blog series!

​Elevate your craft, amplify your vision, strengthen your leadership capacity

your creative odyssey awaits!

2024 Workshop Series: 
Artists Supporting Artists

PNG CTC 2024 Workshop Series

Embark on a groundbreaking learning voyage with Convergences Theatre Collective! Immerse yourself in a dynamic realm of practices, tools, and resources curated to empower and ignite your creative prowess as a maker, visionary, and leader. Upon workshop completion, you'll emerge empowered, inspired, and equipped with new tools and resources!

Your workshop toolkit includes:

  • CTC online program for live sessions, recordings, and inspiring media,

  • A digital workbook for real-time and post-workshop ideation,

  • Unleash your creativity with tools, templates, and additional CTC resources