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Opening night of The Woman Who Was Me with Peter Grandbois, playwright, Liz Stanton, actor/producer, Antonio Minino & Katie Rosin, Kampfire PR, Jeremy Williams, producing director, at TheaterLab, 2017. Photo by Jed Ryan, Huffington Post.

We are celebrating 10 years of collaborative theatre making! Convergences Theatre Collective was founded in 2008 and launched with our first project, a workshop staging of Peggy Firestone’s original play Inanna.. We quickly became a mobile, nimble group of theatre makers, devising and developing over 40 individual projects with more than 230 Collaborating Artists!

Our work begins with a source of inspiration and evolves into something we can share with an audience. The result of our collective action and collaboration over the past decade is an enormous body of work! As storytellers, we have focused on the individual stories of each project. Our current source of inspiration is recognizing and celebrating 10 years of CTC theatre making. And so, we are excited to share with you the story of our collaborative, collective efforts in our newest piece: Through the Lens.

Following our sold out performance in Cordoba, Mexico:    Felipe Fournier   , vibes/music director,    Jeremy Williams   , producing director,    Rafa Reyes   , creator/performer,    Hugo Moreno   , trumpet,    Nedelka Sotelo   , guest singer,    Jonathan Gomez   , percussion,    Dan Martinez   , bass. 2017. Photo courtesy CTC Archives.

Following our sold out performance in Cordoba, Mexico: Felipe Fournier, vibes/music director, Jeremy Williams, producing director, Rafa Reyes, creator/performer, Hugo Moreno, trumpet, Nedelka Sotelo, guest singer, Jonathan Gomez, percussion, Dan Martinez, bass. 2017. Photo courtesy CTC Archives.

Through the Lens is a photographic retrospective which takes us on an expansive visual journey into the constellation of CTC projects and artists as seen through the lens of four photographers: Ben Gabbe, Lloyd Mulvey, Samantha Lawton, and Alex Miles Younger.

Each of these photographers have not only documented CTC projects beautifully, they have also captured the power and vulnerability of the performers, the dynamics of theatrical storytelling, and the uniqueness of each show. They collaborate with us in creating and sharing our work with audiences around the world. Through the Lens highlights our two current photographer-collaborators: Ben Gabbe & Lloyd Mulvey.

Thank you to all of the collaborating artists who worked tirelessly to realize these theatrical ideas and to all of the brave project visionaries and creators who have chosen to boldly share their stories with the world. A final note of gratitude to the enormous community of support that defines CTC: artists, audiences, advocates, partners, funders, presenters, friends, and family.

Photo by Ben Gabbe, 2018.

It is an immense honor to lead this cohort of artists. Through the Lens brings together an incredible group of people, ideas, and images in one place for the first time. I hope you enjoy the work of Convergences Theatre Collective as seen Through the Lens.

Jeremy Williams,

Producing Director & Founder

August 2019

through the lens Creative Team

Jeremy Williams, Creator & Producer

Kate Michael Gibson, Co-Creator & Producer

Liz Stanton, Collaborating Artist

Natia Porter, Intern

CTC’s 10 Year Storytelling Collaborators

Leo Abel, Kaleda Davis, Melissa Denize, Erin Duer, Kate Michael Gibson, Jenna Hokanson, Kate Jaworski, Charlie Kilgore, Kate Kohler Amory, Natalie Loveland, Najah Muhammad, Liz Stanton, Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams    &    WT McRae   , co-creators, and the  BABEL  company welcome the online audience during a livestream broadcast from rehearsal at the Blue School ,  2016. Photo by    Lloyd Mulvey   .

Jeremy Williams & WT McRae, co-creators, and the BABEL company welcome the online audience during a livestream broadcast from rehearsal at the Blue School, 2016. Photo by Lloyd Mulvey.

Part 1. The Early Years (2008-2013)

Photography by Alex Miles Younger, Ben Gabbe, & Samantha Lawton

Music: “From the Realm of the Shadow” composed by Chris Mohr.

Introduction to The early years

CTC’s Early Years (2008-2013) focused on exploring and creating beginning drafts of projects. The projects in this selection of photos all had public performances of workshop productions. Our work introduces all of the theatrical elements essential to the storytelling of each project. Many of our workshop performances look like fully realized productions thanks to the gifted artistry of our creative teams, and the expert eyes of the photographers who captured these ephemeral moments of live performance.

Alex Miles Younger is a Founding Artist with CTC. His voice is reflected in the visual design, aesthetics, and storytelling in all of our early experiments in Boulder, CO and NYC. Alex’s contributions as a collaborating artist are most visible in his breathtaking photographs of Darger and Uncle Vodka.

Ben Gabbe’s compelling photographs of Refracting Miss Julie capture the simplicity of design as well as the powerful physical performances and multiple theatrical worlds.

Samantha Lawton’s striking photographs of From the Realm of the Shadows capture the largeness of  scale as well as intimate moments shared between characters in this story told with music and movement. Samantha, a dancer and photographer, captured a pivotal time in CTC’s history as we expanded the scale and scope of our work with this project.

Alex, Ben, and Samatha’s photographs not only capture our past, they point us to the future of CTC’s intimate and large-scale projects as well as our commitment to theatrical storytelling through a broad range of genres and styles.


Alex Miles Younger, Photographer

Stage Left Studios - Cheryl King, Artistic Director

2009 - New York City

Creative Team

Susan Ferrara - Playwright/Creator/Darger

Jeremy Williams - Director/Creator/Lighting Designer

Erin Layton - Actor/Co-creator

Michael Shattner - Composer/Cellist/Co-creator

Cathy McCullough - Puppet Designer/Co-creator

“Uncle Vodka”

Alex Miles Younger, Photographer

Tornado at PS 122, Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program

New York City - 2010

Creative Team

Taavo Smith - Playwright/Creator/Uncle Vanya/Resident Artist

Jeremy Williams - Director/Choreographer/ Lighting Designer/Co-creator

Kyra Bowman - Co-creator/Yelena

Benjamin Stuber - Co-creator/Costume Designer/Serebryakov

“Refracting Miss Julie”

Photography by Ben Gabbe

One Arm Red - Adam Adams, Artistic Director

2012 - New York City

Creative Team

Kate Kohler Amory - Miss Julie/Creator/Playwright

Jeremy Williams - Director/Choreographer/Creator

Daniel Krstyen - Jean/Co-creator

EJ Marotta - Jean/Co-creator

Liz Stanton - Kristin/Co-Creator/Sound Designer

Jay Ryan - Lighting Designer

Nick Stryker - Costumer Designer

Larry K. Ash - Stage Manager

Kate Michael Gibson - Co-Creator/Dramaturge

Taavo Smith - Contributing Collaborator

Kyra Bowman - Contributing Collaborator

Jesse Mangan - Co-creator

“From the Realm of the Shadow”

Photography by Samantha Lawton

Theatre at the Riverside Church

New York City - 2014

Creative Team

Chris Mohr - Composer

Jeremy Williams - Director/Choreographer

Jay Ryan - Lighting/Projection Designer

Mike Floyd - Costume Designer

Scott Lyons - Ass't Director/Choreographer

Ensemble: Claude Aubourg, Victor J. Carinha, Denny Desmarais, Debra Disbrow, Eve Elle, Jake Lasser, Parker Leventer, Fernando Quinones-Flores, Christa Ray, Randolph Curtis Rand, Taavo Smith, & Melissa Erin Strain

Producing Fellows: Marc Cornes, Charles Hays, & Melissa Negro

Part 2. "The Woman Who Was Me" (2014-2017)

Photography by Ben Gabbe & Lloyd Mulvey

Music: composed by Stephen Scott and performed by the Bowed Piano Ensemble.

introduction to the woman who was me

The Woman Who Was Me has been presented five times in NYC and Boulder, CO between 2014 - 2017. All four of the NYC productions have been documented by CTC’s current photographer collaborators Lloyd Mulvey and Ben Gabbe.

Ben quickly became an ongoing collaborator with CTC starting with Refracting Miss Julie in 2012. I met Ben through Jim Gabbe, his father, while Jim and I were collaborating on Jim’s play March. When we were looking for a new photographer to work with CTC, Jim suggested we collaborate with Ben. I was familiar with Ben’s work, as it has been regularly featured in the New York Times for Fashion Week and other cultural events. I was drawn to Ben’s photojournalism style of catching life happening in the moment, as well as his eye for color and composition. His ability to capture an ethereal moment within a highly designed world is inspiring.

The entire Gabbe family is inspiring! It continues to be a joy to work with Ben as well as his sister, Bridget Gabbe, who has been a collaborating artist and actor on many CTC projects over the years. Jim and Jill Gabbe have been wonderful supporters and thought partners along the way as well. CTC is enriched by our family relations - those we are born into and those that we create through our work together.

“ highlighting individual stories, The Woman Who Was Me invites us to explore the nuances of what it means to be a woman—or a human—in the world. In the shadowy but fertile landscape of self-inquiry, we, like Lanie, may face our desires, reassess our priorities, and emerge into the light of personal truth”.
— Emily Cordes, Theater is Easy, May 31, 2017

Ben photographed the 2014 & 2015 productions of TWWWM at the United Solo Theatre Festival and Lloyd captured the productions at TheaterLab in 2016 & 2017. It is deeply satisfying to see the growth of the project as the creative team learns from our audiences and evolves the visual storytelling over time.  It is also impressive to see two different photographer’s perspectives over four years as the project developed, moving between different venues, with Liz’s powerful performance always at the forefront.

The 2017 production, presented in partnership with TheaterLab, included five nominations from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards: Premiere Production, Solo Performance, Director, Choreography & Movement, and Lighting Design; and one win - Outstanding Lighting Design by Kate Jaworski.

“The Woman Who Was Me”

Ben Gabbe, Photographer (2014 & 2015)

Lloyd Mulvey, Photographer (2016 & 2017)

United Solo Theatre Festival at Theater Row - Omar Sangare, Artistic Director United Solo Festival

2014 & 2016 - New York City

TheaterLab - Orietta Crispino, Artistic Director

2016 & 2017 - New York City

Creative Team

Liz Stanton - Creator/Lanie/Elizabeth

Peter Grandbois - Playwright

Jeremy Williams - Director/Choreographer/Sound Designer

WT McRae - Scenic Design

Kate Jaworski - Lighting Design/Asst Director (2016-17)

Natalie Loveland - Costume Design (2015-17)

Victoria Pike! - Projection Design (2017)

Sylvia Brown - Dramaturge

K'Sandra Sampson - Stage Manager (2017)

Jesse Managan - Collaborator/Contributing Designer (2014-16)

Part 3. "A Mexican Affair" (2016-2017)

Photography by Ben Gabbe & Lloyd Mulvey

Music: "Sway" ("Quién Será") written by Luis Demetrio/Pablo Beltrán Ruiz (1953). English lyrics by Norman Gimbel. Arranged by Felipe Fournier (2015).

introduction to A mexican affair

In January 2016, CTC made a bold move and decided to present three of our projects at the same time! We called this experiment the Winter Performance Suite and it included our projects The Woman Who Was Me, BABEL, and A Mexican Affair. Lloyd Mulvey’s photos, covering all three shows, bring to light CTC’s shared aesthetic values and spotlight the distinctive aesthetic palette of each project.

A Mexican Affair began in a theatrical venue with its premiere at TheaterLab. Lloyd’s photos of the performance capture the excitement and energy of this fantastic group of musicians! The show quickly flourished, performing in jazz clubs, hotels, and outdoor venues in New York City, and touring to Arkansas, as well as Cordoba and Guadalajara, Mexico in 2016 and 2017.  Rafa Reyes’ vision for the show bloomed as he reminded us that heartache is part of all relationships, between people as well as between countries. Through Rafa’s dynamic performance and Felipe’s stunning musical arrangements, AMA gave us hope that, despite our differences, we can fall in love again.

“In this increasingly difficult time to be a Mexican native working in the US, Reyes’ tribute to the music that makes us all feel Latin is a great way to build bridges.”
— Jean Tait, Electronc Link Journey, 2017

Ben Gabbe joined us in 2017 at one of our six appearances at The Metropolitan Room. I love the tradition in Jazz of “sitting in”. AMA has been fortunate to welcome many fabulous guest musicians to the stage. Flor de Tolache’s phenomenal trumpeter and founding band member Julie Acosta, sat in with AMA for this performance! Julie’s musicianship is astounding and her presence is is pure joy on and off stage. Ben’s photographs capture Julie’s vivacious performance lead by our inimitable musical director and vibraphonist extraordinaire, Felipe Fournier!

CTC’s work is enriched by the many artists who collaborate with us on our projects, from long-time collaborators to guests! Ben’s photos reveal the love, humor, passion, and beauty that bring all of us together, lifting up and celebrating our rich cultural traditions through shared music and stories.    

“A Mexican Affair”

Lloyd Mulvey, Photographer (2016)

Ben Gabbe Photographer (2017)

TheaterLab - Orietta Crispino, Artistic Director (2016)

The Metropolitan Room - Bernie Furshpan, Owner (2017)

New York City

Creative Team

Rafa Reyes - Creator/Performer

Jeremy Williams - Producer & Director

Felipe Fournier - Music Director/Arranger/Vibraphone

Hugo Moreno - Trumpet

Dan Martinez - Bass

Joel Mateo - Drums

Guillermo Barron - Percussion

Julie Acosta - Guest Trumpet (2017)

Juan Felipe Mayorga - Guest Drummer (2016)

Dramaturges: Kathi E.B. Elis, Zacil "Sassy" Nash, & David Preciado

Kate Jaworski - Lighting Designer (2016)

Natalie Loveland - Costume Designer Consultant

Vanessa Parrack - Stylist

Part 4. "Babel" (2016-2017)

Photography by Lloyd Mulvey

Music: original score composed for BABEL by Robert Fleitz & Julie Zhu.

introduction to babel

WT McRae, BABEL’s co-creator and Project Visionary, invited Lloyd Mulvey onto the team in 2015. Lloyd is a photographer, actor, and theatre maker. He joined the team as a visual collaborator long before we introduced a theatrical design vision into the project. Lloyd has taken thousands of photos of rehearsals, studio performances, promotional photoshoots, parties, and special events. His photos of the 2016 studio performance capture the physical storytelling of this large-scale acrobatic-dance-theatre project. The beautiful setting of Studio 5-2 at Gibney highlights the performers’ strength, humor, and vulnerability.

CTC’s largest and most ambitious project to date has been the 2017 world premiere of BABEL, co-presented by the Theatre at the 14th St Y!  This fully-realized theatrical production expanded the collaborative team from about 30 to well over 50 Collaborating Artists with the addition of designers, composers, musicians, publicists, and production team members.

Audiences joined us in NYC as well as from across the globe through our HD-Livestream Broadcast. BABEL transcends spoken language, and speaks to audiences from all walks of life. Audience members and critics alike loved the skillful and awe-inspiring performances, and were equally compelled by the BABEL’s message:

“...given the increasing divisions (political, religious, and ethnic) in our culture as of late, the play’s diverse cast and message of coming together as one couldn’t be more timely in 2017. While the story of the Tower of Babel was a cautionary tale, this Babel has a hopeful ending. We are reminded that the only “walls” we should build are ones where humans bond together for a common humanitarian cause... and the only way we can reach greater heights is when we have our fellow man or woman to hold us up.”
— Jed Ryan, Huffington Post, February 1, 2017

Lloyd captures humanity within his photos. His skilled eye perceives the subtlety of performers’ and designers’ choices along with the vision and storytelling of the creators. The BABEL photographs move beyond documenting a series of performances and present a work of storytelling unto themselves. Moving between the studio and the theatre, Lloyd’s photographs reveal the rich art of collaboration.

Lloyd Mulvey, Photographer

Gibney Dance Center - Gina Gibney, Artistic Director/CEO (2016)

14th ST Y - David Stallings, Associate Artistic Director (2017)

New York City

Creative Team

WT McRae - Creator/Choreographer/Company

Jeremy Williams - Creator/Director/Choreographer

Jay Ryan - Lighting Designer (2017)

Natalie Loveland - Costume Designer (2017)

Robert Fleitz - Composer (2017)

Julie Zhu - Composer (2017)

Lloyd Mulvey - Collaborator/Photographer

Charlie Killgore - Dance Captain/Co-creator/Company

Ri Lindegren - Videographer/Co-creator/Company

Jacob Schott - Rehearsal Manager (2017)

Sara Lyons - Producing Fellow (2016)

Co-Creators & Company Members: Alyssa Kempinski, Amy Herrera, Ana Carolina Lima, Anna Andrews, Argelia Arreola, Brooke Ferris, Bruce Wayne Brackett, Casey Beauchamp, Devin McDuffee, Eiko Kawashima, Jenna Hokanson, Juliana Suaide, Leo Abel, Liz Stanton, Marisol Kimberly Rosa-Shapiro, Mark Ferrando, Melana Lloyd, Melissa Denize, Michael Eisenstein, Nora Gustuson, Olney Edmondson, Rafa Reyes, Sam Gold, Sydney Ippolito, Tad Emptage, & Zachary Koval