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Visioning Impact Lab

CTC’s Recipe for Creating Transformative Work: Imagine. Design. Impact.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • CTC Digital Studio

Service Description

Step into CTC's Visioning Impact Lab, an innovative online experience to empower you and your team to turn your dreams into tangible reality. The Visioning Impact Lab is your gateway to exploration, experimentation, and the liberation of your creative spirit. It serves as your unwavering compass, guiding you on a transformative journey to bridge your boldest artistic visions with your profound desire to make a lasting impact on your communities through your work. The Power of Clear Intentions Crafting a powerful impact statement that encapsulates your artistic mission and vision is just the beginning. Our lab equips you with the tools to align your work seamlessly with the needs and aspirations of your community, unlocking the potential for collaboration and synergy. Bid farewell to creative roadblocks and embrace a dependable roadmap for every step of your creative process. Tailor-Made Visuals for Success Visualize your path to success with a personalized map of stages and platforms that lead both you and your audience toward your intended impact. Our lab empowers you to create this visual masterpiece, complete with engaging activities and well-defined developmental outcomes. Think of it as your creative GPS, guiding you toward your goals while allowing you to succinctly communicate your grand vision in an exciting and concise manner. Flexible Learning, Expert Guidance Complete the lab at your own pace, whether you're sprinting toward your dreams in a few weeks or savoring the journey over several months. We're here to support your creative expedition on your terms. Whether you choose to work independently or alongside your team, our online lab and digital workbook are your steadfast companions. Gain access to 12 instructional videos, a workbook brimming with thought-provoking prompts, and an interactive digital mural that enables collaborative creation of your bespoke Developmental Pathway for Impact. Your adventure includes 3 immersive Zoom sessions : 🚀 Session 1 - Orientation: Meet your facilitator, delve into the lab process, explore materials, and crystalize your intended outcomes. 🧠 Session 2 - Reflection: Collaborate with your facilitator to reflect on your progress, address questions, and ignite your creative brainstorming. ✏️ Session 3 - Design: Co-create your unique developmental pathway for unprecedented impact. This immersive online laboratory isn't just about nurturing creativity- it's about amplifying your impact.

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436 West 47th Street #5a, New York, NY 10036, USA

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