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Questioning Artists

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Questioning Artists, the podcast where we believe inquiry and art-making are both essential parts of life.  We invite you to listen as Artists share fascinating and thoughtful responses to questions about their origins, training and mentors, art-making, and what lights their inspirational fires.

CTC is a group of pioneering theatre artists and innovative teachers dedicated to creating original work and reenvisioning classics. In 2018 we turned 10! As part of our 10 year anniversary, we are exploring how to tell CTC’s story in multiple ways, through the voices of our amazing collaborating artists. This podcast is inspired by that storytelling idea as well as a dream of Kate Michael Gibson, creator & host. Kate sits down one-on-one with the many incredible and talented artists that inspire her.

Creative Team

Kate Michael Gibson, Creator & Host

Jeremy Williams, Producer & Co-creator

Kate Jaworski, Composer

Natalie Loveland, Visual Artist

Kaleda Davis, Collaborating Artist