Episode 3 with Liz Stanton

“I guess the first thing is the attitude of possibility: there are infinite possibilities and many, many ‘right’ ways to do things...I’m willing to try, to learn from other people. There are so many amazing things that you can do on the stage that are not possible anywhere else!” - Liz Stanton

Liz Stanton, CTC Project visionary

Learn more about Liz on her CTC Artist Profile.

On today's episode, Kate sits down with the amazing Liz Stanton! Liz is an actor, teacher of acting, sound designer, composer, creator of new work, and Theatrical Development Producer for Convergences Theatre Collective. Liz shares with us insights about her process, her hopes for the future of theatre, and how she brings her imagination and expertise to each project.

Creative Team

Kate Michael Gibson, Creator & Host

Jeremy Williams, Producer & Co-creator

Kate Jaworski, Composer

Natalie Loveland, Visual Artist

Kaleda Davis, Collaborating Artist