Episode 7 with Kate Kohler Amory

“I would love to see artist communities really benefiting from rich, complex ways from interconnectedness."

- Kate Kohler Amory

Kate Kohler Amory, CTC Project Visionary & Co-Founding Artist

On episode 7, Kate Michael Gibson sits down with friend and colleague, Kate Kohler Amory. Kate Kohler Amory is a founding artist of CTC and a brilliant multi-faceted theatre-maker. Kate Kohler Amory talks about the importance of vision, how collaboration creates better work, and what it takes to build a stronger, more vibrant, and supported theatre in the US.

Creative Team

Kate Michael Gibson, Creator & Host

Jeremy Williams, Producer & Co-creator

Kate Jaworski, Composer

Natalie Loveland, Visual Artist

Kaleda Davis, Collaborating Artist