Episode 8 with Jeremy Williams

“Leadership is critical to who we are as CTC. We have a bunch of leaders! We are a collective of independent producers and project visionaries...we all come with different sets of expertise... the leadership model is interesting within CTC. I’m technically in charge but only because I am at the center of the work as a hub of communication. As Producing Director I help set the artistic agenda and then match that up with resources to realize the vision.”

- Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, CTC Producing Director & Founder

Episode 8, Kate Michael Gibson sits down with co-producer, longtime collaborator, and friend Jeremy Williams, Producing Director & Founder of CTC. Kate and Jeremy reflect on 10 years of Convergences Theatre Collective and 20 years of collaborative friendship. They share stories of how they met, the early years of making work together, and how CTC was created.

Creative Team

Kate Michael Gibson, Creator & Host

Jeremy Williams, Producer & Co-creator

Kate Jaworski, Composer

Natalie Loveland, Visual Artist

Kaleda Davis, Collaborating Artist