Projects in Development


New play reading series

Our New Play Reading Series is an opportunity for playwrights to workshop a draft of their work in development with a team of professional actors in a fun and low-pressure environment.

Goals for Playwrights:

  • Articulate questions with the playwright about the current draft and larger project vision

  • Hear their work outloud around a table and working on our feet in the rehearsal studio with actors and collaborators

  • Present a staged reading to an invited audience followed by a facilitated conversation about the work

  • Create a plan for “next steps” in developing the work


A project that wishes to engage with the performing arts community of Veracruz, Mexico, inspired by a strong admiration for American musical theatre and film. Led by Rafa Reyes and Jeremy Williams this project will seek to create links and build a community among the diverse artistic organizations of the city of Cordoba by partnering with them in the creation of a new show that integrates artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. This project will also aim to inspire young audiences and their parents to include the performing arts as part of their integral education.


In his one-man show, Murrow, Joseph Vitale reveals the complexity and achievements of a man whose voice, intelligence and honesty inspired a nation. Share the experience of the man whom many consider the greatest news broadcast journalist of our time, from his radio reports from London during the Blitz to his legendary on-air showdown with Senator Joe McCarthy that was instrumental in bringing about the downfall of the junior senator from Wisconsin.  

A quote from the Huffington Post says it all - “Murrow, the man, furnishes the frame for Murrow, the reporter. Both are magnificently brought to life via a superb collaboration between Playwright Joseph Vitale, Performer Joseph J. Menino and Director Jeremy Williams. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! for individually and jointly doing Murrow Proud"



An adaptation of Peter Grandbois’ novel which won the gold medal in literary fiction in Foreword Magazine’s book of Book of the Year Awards (2011).

Set simultaneously in a farming town in Wisconsin and a mining town in Colorado during the nineteenth century, Nahoonkara follows three brothers across a generation as each strives to re-create his childhood home. While Henry strives to make their new home prosperous and his brother Eli prays to maintain the town’s spiritual center, it becomes clear as the play progresses that the center will not hold.  The only hope lies in the oldest brother Killian’s stories and in a magical snowfall that lasts for three months, changing the lives of everyone.  

Drawing from the austerity of Brecht and Becket, yet reminiscent of such varied American plays as Wilder’s Our Town and Wilson’s The Rimers of Eldritch, Nahoonkara, a Ute Indian word meaning “land of the rising blue” transforms the stage into an oneiric space of wonder, one that exists both within the natural world and within our own minds, a place outside preconceived notions of reality and identity, a place where we are free to re-imagine ourselves.

project unspeakable

A new play by Court Dorsey developed by Liz Stanton, Jeremy Williams and Convergences Theatre Collective.  Project Unspeakable brings audiences inside the world of Tenay Bashir, an impassioned Muslim American filmmaker, who is grappling with America’s dark past and her responsibility to build a brighter future. In her struggle to tell the story of four assassinated civil rights leaders of the 1960s, Tenay will spar with her allies, her family, and her own conscience. She will face hostile communities and feel the sting of personal tragedy. But nothing will stop her from telling her story.