In response to the pandemic, CTC began a process to expand our imaginations as creators and leaders to imagine a hybrid reality with IRL (in person) and online stages. In the past, we began imagining a project centered around a vision and then built community around the vision which resulted in performances. Our new transmedia perspective continues to center the vision of the project and expands that view to consider two primary elements: 

  • Intended Impact: what changes do we hope to make through this project?  

  • Community: what does our community need right now and how can the project meet those needs


We continue to build performances and we expand our ideas of what stages are available to many different types of performances and experiences through the creation and development process and beyond. Below is a template. It was designed to support co-creation through a facilitated process. If you’re interested in using the template or learning more about Transmedia Project design, email Jeremy.​

CTC Transmedia Project Template

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