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Actor Combatant



Deviser/Maker (devised/ensemble based creation)





Writer (fiction/non-fiction)

KALEDA DAVIS |  Playwright, Actor



Location: New York City, Harlem


Phone: +1 917-494-6464

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Kaleda Davis is a native of New York City. She is an actor, a writer, and a maker of safe space around her. No matter the medium, she is dedicated to telling the stories that made us who we are. She is currently passionate about creative tales of what she calls restorative history. The goal is not to erase anyone’s tale but to reimagine the rest of the story. Kaleda attended Music and Art High school, Talladega College, and The City University of New York. She has studied with Paul Austin, Austin Pendleton, among others. An early version of her play “Bitter Waters” received the Yip Harbaugh award. She has played a wide range of roles, from a singing “Lady of Copper” portraying the Statue of Liberty before turning green to the fiery Aunt Lily in Lynn Nottage’s “Crumbs from the Table of Joy.” Make a difference in just the space around you. It will be enough.

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artwork of Kaleda Davis


Kaleda is an active member of the CTC Collaborators’ Ensemble and has contributed to the following projects, programs, and events beginning in 2013: 


10 Year Storytelling Project

Art & Activism


*Bitter Waters (New Play Reading Series)

*Bubbling Waters

Blood Moon (New Play Reading Series)

CTC Artist Residency

CTC Collaborator Gatherings & Parties

**CTC Digital

**CTC Seasonal Summary

CTC Theatrical Development Lab

CTC Training & Professional Development

D'Arc Water (New Play Reading Series)

Pause Lab

Pivot Lab

**Project Unspeakable

The Woman Who Was Me



Purple = Collaborating Artist

Green = Participant 

* = Project Visionary & Lead Creator

** = Co/Contributing Creator

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