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Artist Profile

Kate Michael Gibson



Insta: @ktheg77


Artistic Practices

Actor, Dramaturge, Improviser, Historian/Research, Playwright, Producer, Production Manager, Singer/Vocalist, Stage Manager, Writer (fiction/non-fiction)

Additional Areas of Focus

Viewpoints, Shakespeare, Physical Acting, Screenwriting, Guitar, Patsy Rodenburg voice, systems management

Projects with CTC

10 Year Storytelling Project

Conference/Training: Approaches to Body-Mind Training

Custom of the Country

Femme Vital


Questioning Artists

Refracting Miss Julie

Suicide on Pennsylvania Avenue

The Shore

Through The Lens

Kate Michael Gibson is a writer, performer, producer, editor, and organizer. She earned a B.A. in Drama from the University of Arkansas in 2003. She is a partner in Inheritrix Productions, with co-producer and writer, Roslyn E. Harrison. She is a Producer and Co-Founding Artist with Convergences Theatre Collective, and is the host of the podcast, Questioning Artists. With a deep love for writing and creation, Kate enjoys contributing to the work of other writers and makers as well as collaborating on new works.