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Feb 12, 2024 - Feb 27, 2024

Developmental Pathway for Production Workshop

  • 16Days


Embark on a groundbreaking learning voyage with CTC! Immerse yourself in a dynamic realm of practices, tools, and resources curated to empower and ignite your creative prowess as a maker, visionary, and leader. Upon workshop completion, you'll emerge: + Empowered with the skills to design a developmental pathway for production + Inspired to explore innovative activities with your audience + With newly acquired tools & resources to effectively lead a creative process Explore insightful and applicable themes in each session! Session 1: The 3 Phases of Development & Production (02/12) Phase 1: Research & Development Phase 2: Sequencing, Scripting & Scoring Phase 3: Production The Spiral Pathway Session 2: Activities with Your Audience (02/19) Activities for Co-Creation Designing for Inclusion & Engagement Learning & Growing with Your Audience Session 3: Resource Planning (02/26) Budgeting: Imagining Scale Calculating Expenses & Revenue Story by the Numbers: how financials tell our story Designed for maximum flexibility, our workshops fit seamlessly into your bustling artist schedule. Whether live on Zoom or OnDemand, materials remain accessible for a year post-workshop. Full series participants enjoy extended access through 2025! Your workshop toolkit includes: + CTC online program for live sessions, recordings, and inspiring media + A digital workbook for real-time and post-workshop ideation + Unleash your creativity with tools, templates, and additional CTC resources. Elevate your craft, amplify your vision, strengthen your leadership capacity – your creative odyssey awaits! Workshop Fees: + $150 full price + $125 with code: 2024DPWS + $75 with code: DPWS2024

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


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2024 Workshop Series
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