A Mexican Affair celebrates the relationship between Mexico and the United States and the beautiful cultural influence between both countries. The fusion of boleros, Latin rhythms and jazz is the perfect entertainment for an evening of delicious live music, candid stories, and spicy romance. The show features popular tunes written by Mexican composers and American composers inspired in Mexican themes. The thrilling fusion of rhythms and musical influences invites you to an adventure filled with passion, heartbreak, and a little dirty mambo!

Created and performed by Rafa Reyes, featuring songs by Agustín Lara, María Grever, Pablo Beltrán, Consuelo Velázquez, Frederick Loewe and Alan J. Lerner, Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr, Ben Weisman and Sid Wayne, and others. New arrangements by Musical Director Felipe Fournier; featuring Dan Martínez on bass, Hugo Moreno on trumpet, percussionist Guillermo Barrón, and Joel Mateo on drums. Originally Produced & Directed by Jeremy Williams.


Producing & Creative Team

Jeremy Williams, Producing Director

Kathie E.B. Elis, Dramaturge

David Preciado, Dramaturge

Zacil “Sassy” Nash, Dramaturge

Katie Rosin & Antonio Minino, Kampfire PR

Julietta Cervantes, Photographer

Ben Gabbe, Photographer

Lloyd Mulvey, Photographer

Vanessa Parrack, Outreach Manager & Stylist

Linda Artola, Outreach Associate

WT McRae, Graphic Designer

Kate Jaworski, Lighting Designer

Natalie Loveland, Wardrobe Consultant

Jenna Hokanson, Administrative Associate

Theo Boguszewski, Producing Fellow

Sarah Lyons, Producing Fellow

Original Ensemble

Rafa Reyes, Creator & Performer

Felipe Fournier, Music Director & Vibraphone

Hugo Moreno, Trumpet

Dan Martínez, Bass

Joel E. Mateo, Drums

Guillermo Barrón, Percussion

Guest Musicians

Julie Acosta, Trumpet

Ruben Coca, Drums

Melissa Denize, Singer

Jonathan Gomez, Percussion

Lauren Langbaum, Singer

Juan Felipe Mayorga, Drums

Jhair Sala, Percussion

Nedelka Sotelo, Singer


A Mexican Affair, created by Rafa Reyes.
All songs produced by Jeremy Williams & Felipe Fournier.
All songs arranged by Felipe Fournier.
Recorded at El Caldero Studio, Brooklyn, NY, on November 2nd & 3rd 2017.
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Sebastián Cruz.

1. "Sway" ("Quién Será") written by Luis Demetrio/Pablo Beltrán Ruiz (1953). English lyrics by Norman Gimbel

2. "Bésame Mucho" written by Consuelo Velazquez (1940). English lyrics by Sunny Skylar

3. "Granada" written by Agustín Lara (1932). English lyrics by Dorothy Dodd

4. "South of the Border" written by Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr (1939)

The Band
Rafa Reyes: vocals
Felipe Fournier: vibraphone, jarana, pandero
Hugo Moreno: trumpet
Dan Martínez: acoustic bass
Joel Mateo: drum set
Jonathan Gómez: congas, güiro, peruvian box (cajón peruano), donkey jawbone (quijada)